Sustainable Development

Internal Society

Human resources are the prime mover driving corporate success and bringing about sustainability.That is the reason why AOT has given the importance in caring and value

"Our People" by means of enhancing their quality of life and being happy at work.  AOT is doing this by fostering sound relationship with employees or personnel, providing them with good working condition, supporting development of their potential so they become an efficient workforce to drive the organisation with respect to human rights and equal opportunity.

Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Disclosure

Curriculum and Personnel Development Project

AOT has put in place a personnel development programme, known as "AOT Training Roadmap," for staff of all levels to increase their potentials in the fields of industry, functionality and selective management.

Curriculums are designed to suit working experiences, duties and responsibilities of specific personnel.

These training programmes comply with the local and international standards set by agencies like the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In 2018, AOT conducted a total of 1,072 training courses for 9,330 employees.

Welfare and Employee Relation

AOT has followed the welfare and health care policies as part of its human resource development to strengthen staff's knowledge and capabilities in parallel with lifting their quality of life as well as enjoying working with the Company.

In addition to medical welfares, AOT in 2018 granted scholarships to 401 children of staff while organising retirement plans for those who reach 60-year-old age with 56 employees participated in the year.