Economic Sustainability

Supply Chain Management

          AOT's supply chain management encompasses airport operations and related activities. With the view of managing risks, mitigating impacts from business disruption and capturing potential rendered by the supply chain, AOT has issued a set of guidelines to sustainability for AOT's trading partners to follow. The content in this guideline publication is based on frameworks under relevant laws and global standards covering three dimensions - economic, social and environment. These guidelines seek to promote transparency, morality, human rights and employees' safety among trading partners to avoid impacts on communities and environment. The task of fulfilling these objectives is carried out by regulating in three aspects -- good corporate governance; good employment and a respect of human right; and good environment management. AOT's trading partners are bound to sign acknowledgement and strictly implement these guidelines.
          AOT has made public the list of traders registered for five groups of AOT's works, bidding process, median prices and procurement results on AOT's website.  There is a process for checking bidding process based on established standards with process of handling complaints from bidding parties clearly stated.  These processes are meant to ensure that AOT's supply chain management is effectively executed with transparency and accountability.