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AEC and AOT Business Opportunities

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and AOT Business Opportunities

AOT commits itself to being a major aviation hub in the region. This reflects the growth in passenger numbers to be more than double during the past five years, Don Mueang International Airport has been ranked as number one airport for supporting low cost airlines in the world which is in line with the AOT’s Administration and Public Relation Master Plan.

In the year 2016, AOT has established cooperation with ASEAN airports to respond to the governmental policy which determines the country’s direction of economic and social development. In preparation for the ASEAN community (ASEAN Economic Community: AEC) under the concept of Single Market and Production Base, It is free to move production factors and is able to share common resources, both materials and labor. Also, it is able to commonly set the products’ standards, rules and regulations to build capacity in economic competitiveness as well as equitable economic development to integrate with the world economy. With these relations and cooperation between airport administrative organizations from various regional countries, the information, knowledge and experience exchanges to set a policy and to enhance opportunities or business cooperation can be promoted.