Business Ethics


AOT operates business by adhering to ethical principles, honesty, transparency, accountability, and free from any forms of fraud in order to build confidence among all groups of stakeholders and respond to the intent of the ethical standards of state enterprises in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand and the National Strategy on the Prevention and Suppression of Corruption.



AOT specified the Board of Directors, executives, and employees at all levels to strictly comply with the Code of Ethics for Employees of AOT for transparent operations, and set the policies on good governance policy, Anti-Corruption, and AOT Code of Conduct, which are stated in Good Corporate Governance Handbook B.E.2565 (2022). In addition, AOT has committed to operating business for sustainable growth in all processes by defining the “Sustainable Practice Guidelines for AOT Partners.” Aiming to encourage its partners to operate with transparency, ethics, respect for human rights, care for the occupational health and safety of employees and to consider the operational impact towards the community and the environment through corporate governance and best practice guidelines.


Related Policies

Corruption and Bribery

  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Code of Ethics for Employees B.E.2554 (2011)
  • Good Corporate Governance Handbook B.E.2565 (2022)
  • ▹ 5.14 Code of Conduct on Accepting - Giving Gifts, Assets or Any Other Benefits

  • Guidelines for sustainable practices of AOT partners


  • Good Corporate Governance Handbook B.E.2565 (2022)
  • ▹ 5.4 Code of Conduct for Employees, Section

    ▹ 5.6 Code of Conduct on Relationship with Customers and Service Users Section 5.6.2

    ▹ 5.8 Code of Conduct on Responsibility for Employees Section 5.8.8

Confidentiality of Information

  • Code of Ethics for Employees B.E. 2554 (2011)
  • Good Corporate Governance Handbook B.E.2565 (2022)
  • ▹ 5.15 Code of Conduct on Confidentiality
    ▹ 5.16 Code of Conduct on Securities Trading and Use of Inside Information

Conflict of Interest

  • Code of Ethics for Employees B.E.2554 (2011)
  • Good Corporate Governance Handbook B.E.2565 (2022)
  • ▹ 5.13 Code of Conduct on Conflict of Interest Transactions

Unfair Trade Competition and Trade Barriers

  • Code of Ethics for Employees B.E.2554 (2011)
  • Good Corporate Governance Handbook B.E.2565 (2022)
  • ▹ 5.15 Code of Conduct on Confidentiality
    ▹ 5.16 Code of Conduct on Securities Trading and Use of Inside Information

Money Laundering and Misuse of Inside Information

  • Good Corporate Governance Handbook B.E.2565 (2022)
  • ▹ 5.7 Code of Conduct on Relationship with Business Partners, Competitors and Creditors and Accounts Receivable Section 5.7.2
    ▹ 5.19 Code of Conduct on Procurement of Supplies Section 5.19.7

Environmental, Health and Safety Management

  • Good Corporate Governance Handbook B.E.2565 (2022)
  • ▹ 5.9 Code of Conduct on Social, Community and Environment Responsibilities
    ▹ 5.17 Code of Conduct on Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment

  • Sustainable Practices Guidelines of AOT Partners

Whistleblowing / Complaints

  • Procedures, Receiving complaints or whistleblowing of AOT

AOT has established procedures for receiving complaints or whistleblowing on ethical conduct in an official manner to follow up and take action in resolving all complaints that have been notified.

Management Approach

Realizing the risks of ethical infringement and corruption that may occur, AOT, therefore, determined employees and related business partners to strictly operate in accordance with AOT's practices and policies throughout the value chain to prevent any impacts on image and confidence of stakeholders, with responsible units including the Corporate Secretary and Corporate Governance Department and the Anti-Corruption Center to report directly to the Corporate Governance Committee and the President. The practice guidelines and communication channels are as follows:

Anti-Corruption Policy Guidelines

AOT has set practice guidelines according to the anti-corruption policy to be abided by AOT's personnel with important contents as follows:


Avoid direct and indirect
involvement in corruption.


Avoid accepting gifts that may influence operational or corporate decision-making.


Set up a process for employee recruitment, development, and assessment to reflect their commitment to anti-corruption.


Provide new employee orientation while providing consistent communication and training


Provide report channels and protect employees who report corruption


Communicate policies to stakeholders and the public


Establish internal controls and evidence storage solutions for transparency and verifiability


Provide review reports and reviews of policies and guidelines annually

Communication Channels for Code of Conduct and Good Corporate Governance of AOT


Complaint Filing Channels

Direct Mail Address :
AOT Board of Directors, the President, or the Director of the Office of Audit, Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited P.O. Box 3, Don Mueang Sub-Post Office, Don Mueang, Bangkok 10211

Suggestion Box
At the AOT Heaf office and all of the AOT 6 airports Office Buildings.
Re: "Complaint Submission and Filing" - "Corporate Governance" (Contact: The Corporate Governance Committee)


AOT’s procedures for submission and resolution of complaints and whistleblowing


Management Evaluation

AOT has the assessment processes for anti-corruption management by both internal and external agencies. For internal departments, AOT has established the Anti-Corruption Center which is responsible for monitoring and evaluating management results to report directly to the President. There is also the Office of Audit that reports directly to the Audit Committee for its anti-corruption assessment. The external agencies will operate under the project “Integrity & Transparency Assessment: ITA” organized by the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). Moreover, AOT disclosed its anti-corruption performance in the Sustainable Development Report annually.

Corporate Culture Promotion Activities

AOT organizes activities to promote business conducts and anti-corruption as well as promoting and instilling corporate values on a yearly basis in the form of educational campaigns, special lectures, field trips and trainings, such as:

  • AOT's Anti-Corruption Day Project
  • Communication of senior management's policies on Anti-Corruption
  • Set Anti-Corruption Training Program as a part of the Airport Operations course and Airport Management courses at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • Arrange Field Trip at Anti-Corruption Museum, NACC Office
  • Provide special lecture to enhance knowledge on prevention and anti-corruption at airports under AOT’s responsibility

No Gift Policy During the Festive Seasons

AOT has attached importance to business operations with transparency, ethics and equal treatment towards all stakeholders. Therefore, No Gift Policy on the New Year festival and any other occasions has been established in compliance with the best practices of international standards and good corporate governance principles as well as AOT's Anti-Corruption Policy.

Last Updated: June, 22 2022