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An employee is one of the essential stakeholders of the organization who is an information factor to drive organization towards business objectives. AOT as a leader of airport operators recognizes an ever-changing business context, therefore we need knowledge and expertise of our personnel to maintain a competitive edge, therefore AOT strives in the development and recruitment of talented individuals and be open-minded to accommodate diverse range of employees, resulting in the continuous development of the organization. Apart from this, AOT prioritizes well-being of employees to generous fringe benefits that promote quality-of-life and fair employment conditions, thus creating bonding between employees and the organization.

Human Resource Development

The development of human resource is a foundation component of the Revised AOT Business Plans (Fiscal Year 2017-2022), which led primarily by the Human Resource Department for the implementation of the Human Resources Management and Development Master Plan for the Fiscal Year 2017-2022. The implementation of this program can be segregated into three major projects as follows:


Implementation of Knowledge Management (KM) Project

AOT operates the Knowledge Management (KM) Project, spearheaded by the Human Resource Department of the Airport Academy together with the AOT Knowledge Management Working Group and the AOT Knowledge and Innovation Management Steering Committee and relevant departments. This is an integration of Knowledge Management, Process Improvement, and Innovation Development in various aspects to develop knowledge bodies and promote information sharing for employees in a systematic and most effective way.

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Transfer Model to AOT Innovation Management Program

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Transfer Model to AOT Innovation Management Program

Knowledge Management Organizational Structure


AOT Knowledge Management Process

AOT Knowledge Management Process

AOT develops and implements the Knowledge Management Process by focusing on participation from personnel of all levels, including the development and empowerment of Community of Practitioners (CoP) and Knowledge Management Facilitators for each department, to network and broadcast knowledge bodies obtained internally and externally while also retaining them in the AOT Knowledge Management System (KMS) for future enhancement and improvement of internal operations.

Development of Core Competency
and Functional Competency of Employees

AOT empowers personnel of all levels with operational and managerial airport management in compliance with international and domestic air transportation standards such as the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

This development program can be classified into four groups namely:


The Airport Management Training Program can also be classified into four groups, according to different objectives, namely:

Training Program

Other Relevant Training Programs

AOT arranges specific curriculum and personnel development projects for each functions such as Airport Operations Lesson, Management and General Knowledge Training, Management Development Program, Corporate Governance Lesson, Overseas Training, and Aviation Professional Development Program together with the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. These lessons could be adjusted or enhanced on an annual basis, depending on the demands from each business functions.

Assessment of Management Efficiency

AOT appoints the Talent Development Division, Service Improvement Department to assess the result of personnel development continuously to formulate the direction of training programs and the content of empowerment programs, and also for the revision and improvement of the Management Master Plan and future human resource development. AOT keeps track of the investment on human capitals in the areas of investment spent on trainings, number of lessons or training programs, average training participation hours per employee per year, average training budget per employee per year, and investment efficiency which is quantified from the calculation of Human Capital Return on Investment (HCROI) and internal employee turnover ratio. The results are reported to the public in an Annual Sustainable Development Report.

Employee Diversification

AOT respects the diversification and equality of employees regardless of gender, belief, religion, or physical differences. AOT emphasizes this matter in the Good Corporate Governance Handbook.

Apart from this, AOT considers employee promotions based on merits. All AOT employees shall be evaluated individually by their functional supervisors on an annual basis for the consideration of potential promotion and define self-development program to enhance knowledge and skill for operations.

AOT evaluates employee diversification through several factors such as ratio of employee gender in each level and function, differences in remuneration between each gender, returning and retention ratio of female employees after taking maternity leaves, as well as number of complaints on discrimination matters. AOT discloses such key indicators in an Annual Sustainable Development Report.

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Talent Recruitment and Employee Motivation Program

AOT understands the importance of having talented employees to support organizational growth so we collaborate with the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) in the development of lessons to nurture potential human resources from academic institutions, as well as providing competitive benefits and good working environment to attract talents for long-term employment with AOT. The evaluation of talent attraction can be defined through employee acceptance ration, overall and voluntary turnover ratio, or returning ratio after maternity leaves for instance. AOT discloses the results in an Annual Sustainable Development Report.

Well-being and Working Environment

AOT gives precedence to the well-being and working environment of employees, as the Employee Benefit and Relationship Division and the Medical Division are tasked with the implementation of medical and benefit policies for AOT permanent and temporary employees to promote inclusiveness among all by providing fringe benefits and medical services for better quality of life. The policies also mention the assessment of implementation results and the revision of benefits to constantly address needs and satisfactions of all AOT personnel on a continuous basis.

Medical Benefits for Permanent and Temporary AOT Employees

Medical Benefits

AOT launches various initiatives to promote the well-being of our personnel such as:
      • Medical benefits
      • Annual medical check-up for AOT permanent/temporary employees
      • Airport clinics, providing preliminary health check for AOT permanent/temporary employees and their family members.
      • Seasonal influenza vaccination
      • Scholarship grants for children of AOT permanent/temporary employees
      • Sightseeing activities and youth camps during school holidays
      • Mother’s rooms for employees inside the airport buildings
      • Retirement preparation for employees aged 60 years old.

Moreover, AOT also provides more generous paternity and maternity leave than legal requirements.

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Employee Benefit and Relationship Division

Both permanent and temporary AOT employees can submit suggestions, complaints, operational obstacles, as well as benefits via representatives of the airport’s Labor Union, which will be carried further to the Relations Affairs Committee that composes of an external president, nine representatives from the Employer, and nine representatives from the AOT State Enterprise Labor Union, to mutually evaluate and systematically resolve the problems according to the Relations Affairs Procedures between the Employer and employees, thus lead to the development and enhancement of the organization’s problem-solving processes.

Life Enrichment Through Employment Fringe Benefits for AOT Permanent and Temporary Employees

AOT enriches quality of life through the provisioning of appropriate fringe benefits to our personnel by conducting an online survey on the opinions of current fringe benefits and expectations for employees within different age groups and assess suggestions to arrange proper fringe benefits such as medical expenses, tuition fees for children, scholarship for children, children allowances, funeral allowances, uniforms, travelling expenses, provident funds, transportation vehicles, AOT housings, and financing services from external financial institutions. AOT also enhanced alternative benefits to permanent and temporary employees by allowing casual dresses on the Freestyle Day, providing recreation rooms and other benefits such as medical expenses, uniforms, and AOT housings. The overall results from the survey and key findings which have been discovered or remediated shall be disclosed in an Annual Sustainable Development Report.

Outstanding Employee Awards Ceremony 2020

In 2020 AOT presented the honorary Outstanding Employee Awards to three employees who adhered to AOT’s core values: conducting good deeds and creating benefit for AOT and our country. The three winners were: