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Business Partners

The Approaches to Revenue Creating (Revenue Portfolio)

Building Alliances with Business Partners

Building alliances with business partners (Business Partner Engagement) is one important main strategy under AOT Strategy House and in accordance with the Administration Master Plan in Customer Relationship for fiscal year 2014 - 2019, which aims to develop new business models to expand its operations both core business and related businesses, including joint ventures in the various fields of airport business with business alliances. The business alliances are those of the major AOT stakeholders.

Thailand is located at the center of the region which is connected to many neighboring countries in the ASEAN region. This gives a strategic advantage in terms of trade which results in the success of 6 airports under AOT’s responsibility. These are reflected by operations of the number of world class airlines in Thailand.

AOT is committed to contributing to be part of the macro-economic wealth via the creation of economic value to the country. The operating roles of the airport are similar to a living room and the first door to welcome tourists from all over the world. The airport also has a role as the essential infrastructure to support industrial sector in transportation system, transportation and logistics of the country.